The Participants

Tim Jefferis (38), Ruth Jefferis (15), Jacob Jefferis (13) and Alexander Saunders (13)

Here's some interesting facts about the team:


Likes: art, sport, annoying her brother.
Dislikes: saddle sores, geography (her parents are geography teachers!)
Favourite food: spaghetti bolognese, tomatoes
Favourite film: Pitch Perfect
Favourite TV show: Miranda
Favourite Music: Bonfire Heart, James Blunt
To relax: what’s relaxing?
Sport: Lacrosse, hockey, swimming
Something interesting: I’m very tall, and have size 9 feet!


Likes: sport, mainly rugby
Dislikes: injections and fruit salad
Favourite food: steak and chips
Favourite film: who has time to watch films?
Favourite TV show: Top Gear
Favourite Music: Daemons by Imagine Dragons
To relax: sleep and eat
Sport: Rugby, running, hockey, swimming, shooting and the outdoors
Something interesting: Help, I’m ginger!


Likes: Rugby, Cricket, Cycling, The outdoors, Achieving, Gadgets.
Dislikes: Pessimism
Favourite food: Fish and chips
Favourite film: I don’t really watch films
Favourite TV show: Outnumbered
Favourite Music: Let it roll, Flo Rida
To relax: Sleeping in 
Sport:  Rugby, Hockey, Cricket, Football, Swimming, Cycling
Something interesting: I don’t like haircuts


Expedition experience: over the years I have run many overseas/residential expeditions for young people. Recently these have often had a cycling focus: Uppingham to Borth, Uppingham to Berwick-upon-Tweed, Uppingham to Paris, Pokhara to Kathmandu etc. I’ve also done many long distance cycle rides in my own time including: RAID Pyrenean, Land’s End to John O’Groats, France north to south, Reivers Route etc.
Likes: Cycling, the outdoors, gadgets and computers. Seeing young people achieve something incredible, that they thought was beyond them.
Dislikes: The phrase: ‘Are we nearly there yet?’
Favourite food: Banoffee pie
Favourite film: The English Patient
Favourite TV show: Modern Family
Favourite Music: Stars, Simply Red
To relax: reading the Sunday papers
Sport: cycling, running, indoor rowing
Something interesting: I don’t particularly like sprouts or jelly, and certainly not both together!

* Thank you to Oehlers Photography for donating these photographs to Cycling For Charity

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