The Bike Ride

This summer an epic adventure will be taking place - a cycle from the English Midlands to Faro, Portugal. In cycling the 1600+ mile route the expedition members will also be raising money for Rainbows Children's Hospice.

The seed was sown for such an expedition a long time ago - 1984 in fact - when Tim's Dad suggested a ride along the Californian Coast. That ride never happened, but a love of long distance cycling was born. Land's End to John O'Groats was the first of Tim's big rides, in the summer after leaving school.

There followed France north to south, the RAID Pyrenean and Pokhora to Katmandu, amongst a host of other UK-based rides.

A geeky interest in bikes and in riding a long way has poisened the upbringing of Tim's children (they were barely out of nappies before they were dragged, on tandems, along the French Altantic Coast on a 350 mile ride). Now that they're older they're able to ride on their own and have begun to fall in love with touring themselves.

Jacob and Ruth Jefferis will be joined on this ride by the indomitable and frighteningly tough Alexander Saunders (see here for an account of his recovery from a fall into a ditch on the practice ride). This ride will be an experience of a lifetime - we will be enjoying ourselves - but the opportunity to raise money for those less fortunate than ourselves at Rainbows Childrens' Hospice is too good to miss. We hope you'll feel able to support sponsor us - every penny you contribute will go straight to Rainbows, the expediton itself is funded entirely independently.

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